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Wash and Fold Services at Hawthorne Laundromat in Hawthorne, NJ
Do you often feel pressed for time and find yourself wishing that there were a few extra hours in every day? At Hawthorne Laundromat Center, we can give you all the extra time you need with laundry services that let you break the chains your washer and dryer have you in. Get more time to spend with your family and friends when you let us take care of all your dry cleaning. We offer traditional cleaning methods for those hard-to-clean items, and many people find our services are a great fit for their busy lifestyles. Visit our location now in Hawthorne, New Jersey.

Wash and Fold Services in Hawthorne, NJ


Students, Working Moms and More

How long does it take you to do a single load of laundry? Between the washing and the drying, it might take 90 minutes or two full hours to do one load. When you multiply that by the number of loads you do every week, you'll quickly see where all your time goes. With Hawthorne Laundromat Center's wash and fold service, you can drop your clothes off, let us wash those items and pick up your folded laundry later in the week. From college students to busy moms, our clients love saving time with our laundry services.
Students Using Hawthorne Laundromat Center in Hawthorne, NJ

Dry Cleaning Services at Great Prices in Hawthorne, NJ

Customer using washing machine, Hawthorne, NJ
At Hawthorne Laundromat Center in Hawthorne, New Jersey, we believe in giving our customers all the important services they need at great prices. Do you have clothing you've kept in storage that now smells musty or damp? Our odor removal services can remove some of the most stubborn of odors. We also offer specialty cleaning for larger or heavier pieces of clothing that you can't wash at home. Stop by Hawthorne Laundromat Center and let us save you time by taking care of all your laundry needs.